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Whisky has three simple ingredients: Barley, Water and Yeast. Together they make a diverse range of aromas, flavours and experiences for us to enjoy. Great occasions also have three simple ingredients: People, Place & Whisky.

It never fails to amaze how a toast, sharing whisky and enjoying the history and heritage of our drams creates so many memorable celebrations with friends, family & colleagues.

If you provide the people & place, Whisky Toasts can provide the whisky and host your event.

Often on such occasions memories, friendships and relationships are made and can last a lifetime.

Events can be created to meet your wishes with flexibility on numbers, costs and the age, style and range of whiskies, ensuring everyone has fun from those new to whisky to the experienced whisky fan.


Please get in touch to discuss your preferences so we can tailor an event to meet your wishes.


Over the years I’ve shared and enjoyed whisky with wonderful people in memorable places - often celebrating important occasions and milestones in our lives.

I've had the pleasure of meeting many key members of the whisky industry through my visits with friends to over fifty of Scotland's wonderful whisky distilleries.


I’ve learned a lot, had a lot of fun with fantastic people in remarkable places and would love to share these whisky experiences with you, your family, friends or work colleagues.

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Paul Main

Grown, distilled, aged and still maturing in Scotland

Paul Main

Grown, distilled, aged and still maturing in Scotland